What is a kingdom mentality?


I'm often told that I have the type of voice that can sing anything and any type of genre. So "why praise and worship? Praise and worship is where I found myself and who I am in God.  When I look at my journey and what I thought I would be doing in life, praise and worship is my "Mount Sinai" where God met me, took hold of my heart, and shaped my ministry! Through my journey and my relationship with God I've learned and developed what I call a "Kingdom Mentality", which is what I believe to be the heart of worship.


A "Kingdom Mentality" is a heart driven and anchored in God. It is a mind set determined to advance the Kingdom of God and to fulfill your purpose in God.  It is also the ability to see God and His plan for you even in the worst of life's situations. It's not telling God how big your problems are, but telling your problems how big your God is!  Ultimately, it is being so committed to and focused on God until nothing else matters but your time with Him.


I pray that this project ignites and reveals another level of worship in every listener.  For those who don't quite know Him, I pray that through this project they find Christ who is the only one that can fill the God size hole in their life. Ultimately, I pray that this project turns the hearts of many back to Christ!


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